Have increased control of your home with home automation in Bloomington

Make your home more energy-efficient and attuned to your needs when you turn it into a smart home. By using a Bloomington home automation system from Vivint, you can automatically turn on your alarms and turn off the lights when you leave the driveway. Raise the garage door and turn on the lights when you pull into the driveway. Talk to guests at the front door with your doorbell camera even if you’re away. With Vivint, you have full control of your house and smart devices no matter where you are.

Your smart home begins with these home automation products

Your Vivint rep will help you design your system to fit your needs. You can integrate home automation items, like smart appliances and smart lighting, that create a more efficient home. Then start using devices that help protect you and your family, like smart locks and a garage door sensor. Finally, get security system components, like door sensors or an indoor camera.

You can operate every component of your smart home with the user-friendly command center. Set related activities or develop personalized zones that keep the temperature and lighting just right. Or download the Vivint App on your phone to manage your home automation system no matter where you are. With Vivint’s home automation devices, you're able to:

Bloomington smart locks

See if the door is locked or not

When you have smart locks, you can lock your doors with just your smartphone. Receive notifications on your mobile device when the kids get home. Send visitors or contractors a one-use key code with the Vivint App. See if any doors are unlocked at night without leaving your bed.

Bloomington smart thermostat

Keep your home’s temperature at the perfect level via a smart thermostat.

Set up your heating and cooling system run more efficiently when you're asleep or out of the house. Remotely lower the temperature to be at an ideal temperature when you walk in the door from work.

Bloomington garage door controller

Have the garage door automatically open when you pull in the driveway.

Monitor your garage door status or receive alerts if you forget to close it when you left home. Open the garage when you're not home for large packages, so they don't sit on your front porch. Then lower the door once they're inside to keep your packages hidden until someone is home.

Bloomington smart lights

Stop high energy bills by using smart lighting tech.

Set up energy-efficient lighting schedules that align with your everyday routine. Set lighting brightness to the ideal level to minimize TV glare or become night-lights. Set up routines through your phone to turn on and off the lights, so you always look like your family is in your home.

Bloomington camera app

Control your security cameras using the Vivint App.

Your Vivint App lets you manage your home using the same home automation process. Receive phone notifications when your cameras pick up suspicious motion. See HD real-time streams or store 30-second clips in case you need them later. Or speak with delivery people using the 2-way talk capabilities.

Bloomington motion sensor

Set up your security system to run at specific times.

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